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  • PUBLISHED Jun 10, 2014


    Jun 10 2014

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OBERMANEKEN performs the song "BRILLIANT SMOKE" for BalconyTV.
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Obermaneken, the legendary Russian rock band that performs music in the style of neo-romantic "new wave" and is one of the most prominent representatives of this style in Russia was founded in 1980 in Leningrad (now St Petersburg) Anjey Zaharischev von Braush poet and musician. Heirs Silver age. "Obermaneken" - conscious continuation of the artistic quest of the early twentieth century. Hence the name - is a character inspired by the idea of an ideal Nietzsche superman. Musicians sought and always found a more graceful feasibility of the idea of rock 'n' roll. They got together decadent poetry, academic vanguard from Stockhausen to the Glass and romanticism of Tchaikovsky, Grieg and the pulse of the"new wave"."Obermaneken"-оne of the founders of eavant-garde "Theatre-Theatre", active participants movements "Parallel Cinema" and alternative fashion.
. In 1989, the musicians moved permanently to New York, becoming a resident at the famous club «CBGB» at the invitation of its founder and owner Hilly Crystal,. There "Obermaneken" performed on stage with Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam and many others for nearly 10 years. In 1995 recorded the album "5.30 AM" the studio Suzanne Vega, which critics call the best non-English speaking debut in 1995 .Having traveled to Berlin, on the production of "Woe from Wit" by Yuri Lyubimov, as composers and actors, "Obermaneken" decided it was time to go back to Russia.
Obermaneken albums - "Touching the nerve fur", "Bliss and luxury", "Magnetism", "5.30 AM" - enthusiastically greeted by music critics and fans - from reviews. - "Magic album most notorious modern Russian decadents diverse not only in mood, but also stylistically." - "Romantic aesthetes again pleased subtle exotic and tender young ladies, hiding under a pillow nedochitannuyu" Lolita ", the next journey into the world of his own imagination. ' - "Group" Obermaneken "deserves the status of the most refined and aristocratic - the title of number one aesthetes.
Obermaneken new album "Diamond Smoke" - a powerful strategic weapon against hurricanes and disasters.

Оберманекен,легендарная российская рок-группа, исполняющая музыку в стиле неоромантической «новой волны » и являющаяся одной из самых ярких представителей этого стиля в России была основана в 1980 г в Ленинграде (Санкт-Петербурге) Анжеем Захарищев фон Брауш поэтом и музыкантом .Наследники Серебряного века. «Оберманекен» - сознательное продолжение художественных поисков начала ХХ века. Отсюда и название -- это персонаж, навеянный мыслью Ницше об идеальном сверхчеловеке. Музыканты искали и всегда находили более изящные возможности реализации идеи рок-н ролла . У них получилось соединить декадентскую поэзию, академический авангард от Штокхаузена до Гласса с романтизмом Чайковского, Грига и пульсом новой волны.Одни из основателей авангардного «Театр-Театра»,активные участники движений "Параллельное кино" и альтернативной моды.


Video and Photography : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
Sound : Seva Gakkel, Mark Titov
Editing : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
Production Assistant : Alexandre Senin, Ogneva Olga
Producer : Seva Gakkel
Brought to you in association with 3MostA Hotel and Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art

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