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TIBI & HER CELLO is a nufolk artist based in Liverpool, (originally from Madrid). Her music is distinctive to listen to and is also captivating to watch with her impressive skills on the cello and simultanious use of voice. Her latest collection of songs are beautifully recorded presented in her debut EP 'Lost in the sounds...'. After graduating from Paul McCartney's School (LIPA) achieving a First Class Degree in BA (Hons) Music, she spent the summer on tour in Spain and collaborated with legendary film maker Haikufilms on a music video for her single 'Far Away'. In December Tibi was introduced to the Spanish media by Depedro (the guitarrist of internationally acclaimed Calexico), she featured as support artist for various concerts and they performed together for 'Alternativas en Concierto 2010'. Her sell out tours in Spain and waves of media attention have turned the heads of national press including Antena 3 tv and El Pais News. She is now returning to the UK to complete her first album in Liverpool. Lovers of Joanna Newsom, Yann Tiersen, Bjork and Fleet Foxes, consider the kettle boiled.

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