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Paul Brady perfoms 'Mary and the Soldier' on BalconyTV
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Paul Brady is one of Ireland's most enduringly popular artists.
A Fifties child, his early heroes were Jerry Lee Lewis, Winifred Atwell and Fats Domino.
After living in London and New York City in the early 70s Paul returned to Dublin to join Planxty, the premier Irish folk band of the time. This was the band that was to launch the solo careers of Andy Irvine, Liam O' Flynn, Donal Lunny and Christy Moore.
After an acclaimed solo folk album "Welcome Here Kind Stranger" (1978) which won the Melody maker Folk Album of the year, he released "Hard Station" in 1981 which was an original reworking of his earlier influences. The albums which followed established Paul as the pre-eminent Irish singer-songwriter of his generation.  
In 2001, Paul released 'The Missing Liberty Tapes' featuring a lost live recording of a Paul Brady concert in Dublin in 1978. The classic record also features Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Liam O'Flynn, Matt Molloy, Paddy Glackin and Noel Hill.
In August 2002 RTE television, Ireland's national TV station,filmed a six programme series featuring Paul's music, called 'The Paul Brady Songbook'. Shown to acclaim in Ireland the series is now available on a three hour DVD.
In 2004 Paul recorded in Nashville, the result of which was the 2005 released album 'Say What You Feel' an organic and fresh sounding record, mostly cut live and in one or two takes at most per song.
Here Paul performs Mary and the Soldier'
Presented by Pauline Freeman

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