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Ducado VeGA performs 'Seven' LIVE on BalconyTV Austin
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PRESENTED BY - Lauren Petree

Ducado VeGA is a prolific songwriter/producer, having written music in over 15 different genres. Over the years his catalog has grown and now exceeds 1500 songs. He has written for, Produced and or co-Produced a wide range of Artists. As a Producer he focuses on finding the Artist in the song. Never one to just give an Artist a song that he has just lying around, he caters to the specific need of the Artist. In 2011 Ducado and bandmate Zenya V. formed the songwriting/production team the Faayd to provide quality songs for Independent and major label Artists. Others associate writing a production partners include Wil Bleez (Michigan) and Tu Deip (C.O.A. recording Artist, rapper, songwriter Dallas, Texas)and JGajet (Writer/Producer Dallas, TX.)

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