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BALCONYTV.COM 20/04/2007
With nearly 6 months since the break up of Dublins favourite loveable, lazy, unsigned, depressing band we may actually be ready to take the world by storm this time around!
Let me reintroduce myself, The Rob or the great one as I like to be referred to but you are probably bored with me at this stage.
The drummer guy is bren. He who signed up to play for Better Than Ed after roughly 2 hours of it breaking up. Having enjoyed moderate success at his aunts birthday with anaionic- however the pressure of performing at such an energetic level took its toll, sadly a band of there calibre could never have gone for long. Bren like the honerable man he is, jumped ship and joined one of robs side projects, The legendary "the skuk" The shock of skuk going their seperate ways was too much for bren, so for a while he just "walked the earth"as he proudly puts it, untill the call of B.T.E which has replenished his lust for life and drums
This leads us to Karl The bass guy Formally of "the sticklebricks" What way can we say this... he wasn't actually the first choice for us at all, we're not actually sure he's still the first choice for us, in fact he scares us most of the time... For the first month after the band broke up, he followed bren around humming Better Than Ed songs, mimicking playing bass-clearly intending to influence our decision when the auditions came around. Sadly nobody took an active interest in bass and alas at this stage he knows where both of us live so its safer to just keep him on. The rumours that we aren't actually going to plug him in on stage are completely unfounded
So kids,this is it the new line up,the new band and the new songs and hopefully new fans. we are really going to try and have fun this time.


Tune in tomorrow!!!

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