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BalconyTV Edmonton is truly music with a view.

We align the City of Edmonton's magnificent views with the amazing local music community on our online show, BalconyTV Edmonton. Picture Scenic Route to Alaska, in fingerless gloves strumming away in -30 degrees, on the 14th floor of a Saskatchewan Drive condo balcony; feel the pulse of Politic Live atop the McKenney Building on the 104 Street Promenade, illuminated by the reflection of our mirrored cityscape.

Who are we? We are a dedicated volunteer group with a passion for media, music, and Edmonton.

What are we making? BalconyTV Edmonton is making a crucial connection between what Edmontonian's see, and what Edmontonian's hear. And we're telling the world.

Huge thanks to CKUA Radio Networks for providing us with an amazing space to shoot BalconyTV Edmonton!

Producer: Cheryl Wiwat (Alberta Music Industry Association)
Videographer: Reggie Braydon (Avatar Media)
Audio: Mike Alexander (Beardly Audio) & Justin Bidgood (Bomb Squad Rookie)


BalconyTV Edmonton


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