SPOTLIGHT - Bianca Jade

SPOTLIGHT - Bianca Jade

Bianca Jade on BalconyTV Miami won last weeks Global Music Rumble. We caught up with her earlier to congratulate her on the win.

BalconyTV - Congrats on winning the Global Music Rumble! So you performed on our Miami show, but your actually from all over the map. Can you explain?
Bianca - Thank you so much! Yes my family is from Cuba and Jamaica and I was born in Miami. I also lived in Frederick, MD for about 10 years.
I found out on the show that Zach (who presents BalconyTV Miami) is from Maryland too haha.
BTV - Cuba and Jamaica is a bit more exotic though. Or am I under rating Maryland?
Bianca - Actually Maryland has a very diverse population from what I've experienced. I have friends who have family from or were born in Africa, Korea, Japan, India, Venezuela... any many more. I always get that reaction though when I mention where my family is from.
BTV - I'll have to make a visit so.

BTV - Obviously this is the first BalconyTV world is hearing about Bianca Jade, but you have been performing a while right?
Bianca - I've been performing for about 10 years but definitely got more serious about it when I moved to Miami and started going to a performing arts school.
BTV - 10 years! What drove you into singing?
Bianca - Haha, well when I say 10 years I count the moments when I would sing along to Aretha Franklin's "Respect" and "Chain of Fools." I was really inspired by soul music and powerful female vocals.

BTV - You have had some achievements so far. Explain your Presidential Inauguration involvement. That sounds exciting.
Bianca - It was actually in conjunction with a contest that I won in 2012 for the movie Sparkle with Jordin Sparks and Whitney Huston. I sang at the Adrienne Arsht Center for their Gospel Sundays concert series and then they invited me back to sing the National Anthem for their simulcast of the Inauguration.
BTV - So, I'm confused, it was the the prize for winning the contest?
Bianca - For the prize, I went to New York and recorded an original song by Punch Monkeys. I sang it on 106 & Park too. When I came back to Miami, I sang for the Gospel Sundays series and opened for J Moss. The Arsht Center decided to invite me back for the inauguration on their own.
BTV - I gotcha now.

BTV - What's the future for Bianca Jade? Are you gonna focus on music or become a crime fighting lawyer?
Bianca - Haha, I am definitely focusing on MUSIC! I'm a lover, not a fighter. The What Would Be music video is going to be filmed this summer and hopefully the release of my EP, website and a bunch of good stuff.
BTV - Busy times ahead so.

BTV - Did you enjoy your BalconyTV experience?
Bianca - I had such a great time! The guys on the production team were so funny and really tried to help make me feel comfortable. It was HOT outside though!
BTV - Well hope it was only one take?
Bianca - Haha, it was more than one but I wasn't the one sweating...I'm pretty accustomed already.
BTV - Could be worse. In some places we do it in the world its very very very cold. You're lucky. Thanks for talking Bianca. Best of luck in the future and as always, don't forget us when your famous.
Bianca - Thank you so much for having me and creating such an amazing way to share music!
BTV - Thanks Bianca!

- Stephen O'Regan