Berlin Europe

With a height of almost 120 meters the spectacular construction of the Wolkenhain in Berlin-Marzahn is not only the largest but also the highest balcony that you can possibly find in Berlin.

Wolkenhain is a vantage point that was built in 2017 for the International Gardening Exhibition in the most beautiful park in former East-Berlin. It’s located in the district of Hellersdorf-Marzahn which displays the typical „Plattenbau“-facade, the highrising style which became archetypical for the huge housing complexes of the GDR. From there you can see pretty much of the complete skyline of Berlin, including the TV Tower in Mitte as well as its western twin in Charlottenburg.

BalconyTV Berlin filmed the first 8 editions at Wolkenhain during the PopdEurope Festival in early september 2017.