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BalconyTV Barcelona is a weekly online TV show which combines the Barcelona music scene with International touring artists to bring to you a view on what’s going on in one of the most culturally active cities in the world.

Filmed from the iconic Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, the show features live performances of cutting edge artists as well as emerging bands and singers from the local scene complemented with short interviews.

Launched in February 15, 2012, the show has already featured international artists such as Patrick Wolf. It has built on the BalconyTV phenomenon, which began in 2006 on a tiny balcony in Dublin.

Now produced in 50+ cities, BalconyTV has had over 50 million collective views and has featured thousands of other independent artists the world over.

Producers: Ruben Ginestós & Maria Blay
Presenters: Marta Terrasa, Laura C. de Agorreta
Script: Míriam Cano
Sound: Jonbi Belategi / Jaume Llinares / David Garcia
Video: Ruben Ginestós
Styling: Laura G. Panyella
Photographer: Martina Matencio


BalconyTV Barcelona

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