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IVY FLINDT performs the song "YOUNG AND PRETTY" for BalconyTV.
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Ivy Flindt needs distances, still craves to be close. Ivy Flindt is touched by beauty and seduced by danger. Ivy’s music is gentle yet powerful, intimate and full of integrity.
Cate Martin (vocals and keys) and Micha Holland (guitar and bass) started to play gigs together in 2010 and grew to be close companions along the road. They recently recorded their debut album with swedish producer legend Per Sunding (The cardigans). The collaboration between Per Sunding and Ivy Flindt was both: pure pain and pure pleasure, intense and joyful. Way out of the comfort zone you get the real feeling!
Cate and Micha’s music is part of a bigger picture: a pioneering quest, an inspiring attitude to life, venturing into the world. Writing music, taking photos and painting pictures – that’s just what they do and what they call: Ivy Flindt. Ivy Flindt comes to life when Cate and Micha start to create.
Single „Young and Pretty“ available on vinyl and as download via bandcamp.
If you like Damien Rice, Lana Del Rey and Beth Gibbons, you’ll love Ivy Flindt!

Press comments
„Once in a blue moon, an angel appears out of nowhere. As Cate Martin proceeded to play piano and sing, she left her fellow musicians gobsmacked by her raw talent and alluring style.“ The Star, New Zealand
„Micha Holland astonished and delighted my soul with his daring use of the venerable upright bass, a vanishing species of percussive genius. Then came the swaying wistful vocals & temperate keys of lovely Cate. Songwriting is a lost art, or so this journalist thought. Yet Cate proves me wrong and thankfully so with cohesive arrangements and haunting lyrics." Lyric LaCeile, Texas
„Simply wonderful.“ Morgenpost, Hamburg
„Glorious elegiac pop“. Hamburger Abendblatt, Hamburg

Album: Young and Pretty, produced by Per Sunding, Sweden. Release tba
Single: Special Edition No.1, Vinyl & Download


Video and Photography: Eva Kuligina, Nastasia Maslennikova
Sound: Seva Gakkel, Mark Titov, Alex Mars
Editing: Eva Kuligina, Nastasia Maslennikova
PR: Anna Slobodenyuk
Production Assistant: Alexandre Senin, Olga Ogneva
Producer: Seva Gakkel
Brought to you in association with 3MostA Hotel

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