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  • PUBLISHED Apr 13, 2012


    Apr 13 2012

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Nine songs of raw Theo Katzman emotion have been recorded with utter sincerity on his debut album Romance Without Finance. Shortly after raising funds through Kickstarter, Theo set forth on a three-month journey of carefully transferring the musical ideas in his head onto cassette tapes via an old 4-track tape recorder. He then teamed up with production wizard/collaborator Devin Kerr, moving into Devin's converted home studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. "It was a dream come true to live in the studio while making this album," he explains, "We really took the time necessary to find the right sounds for these songs. I wanted a marriage of elegance and grit, raw and refined." An impressive multi-instrumentalist, Theo played drums, guitar, and most of the bass on the album. "Feist, Ray LaMontagne, Wilco, and Jamie Lidell are my idols" he says, "They've achieved greatness with their recordings in a classic sense: upholding the medium of the album as a unified artistic statement. That's what I was going for with this record."

Theo is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He was a member of the band My Dear Disco that played SXSW in 2009, eventually leaving the band to go out on his own. He made a living for the past few years teaching drums, guitar and bass in Ann Arbor and has recently moved to Brooklyn with his Fender, his drums, a new record, and the ambition to start earning the respect of listeners one by one.


Cindi Avnet: Producer / Talent Booker
Gabe Dauer: Producer / Host / Editor
Josh Gohlke: Cinematographer
Atara Gottschalk: Co-Producer / Talent Booker
Lauren Gardiner: Production Assistant / Photographer
Courtney Arwin: Balcony Location
Audio: Wes Gaither and Karla Barrera

Special thanks to Jeff Jernigan at ASCAP


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