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Presented by Caitlin

With smooth melodic lines, catchy lyrics, and danceable grooves, The Consonance captivates their audiences. The Consonance began in the winter of 2008- four women and two men who all met at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. Sensing great chemistry early in their song writing process, they began gigging and recording immediately. The Consonance released their first EP, "More Alive EP", in March 2009. The Consonance has "..come up with some cool, quirky stuff drawing on varied pop, funk and hip-hop elements, sewing it all up into a tight groove jazz style.." (The Edmonton Journal.)

The Consonance has established themselves in their home town, having played dozens of shows in all kinds of venues. They have also shown a lot of promise outside of Edmonton, having appeared on numerous college/local radio stations in Vancouver, Salmon Arm, and Kamloops. They have collectively made music their life and are constantly growing and changing together.

The Consonance have six members from different walks of life, with six different musical backgrounds. In every song you can hear six forces working as one. Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock, R&B, and Hip-Hop, The Consonance have combined all genres to create one that is truly their own.

In July 2010, they embarked on their first Western Canadian tour to promote their first full-length album, "Come The Day", which was recorded at the end of March 2010 and released in July 2010. Their debut has already sold hundreds of hard copies all over the country as well as several over "Itunes". It is also available at various local merchants in Edmonton including Blackbyrd Myoozik. "In the six- piece's full-length follow up, Come The Day, The Consonance further hone their vibrant brand of soulful jazz-flecked hip hop to make a sound all their own..." (The MuseBox)

After an extremely successful year of recording, touring and promotion, the band's focus has greatly increased. Over the next year their plans include another full length album and a coast to coast tour in the summer of 2011.

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