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SOULFUL INJECTION- performs the song "FEEL SO GOOD" for BalconyTV.
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Soulful Injection is a very interesting Danish duo with a big international sound. - A new and exciting name on the music scene. So don't miss the chance to listen to their music, and surrender to their melodic stories. The style is ear capturing, melodic pop/rock with a twist of soul. The songs are stories we can all relate to, and the overall message is, that we should all believe in our dreams, and ourselves, live in the moment, and make our dreams come true.

The duo Soulful Injection started in 1995 in Los Angeles, USA, where the singer Annette Trollegaard Jørgensen and guitarist Peter Nielsen went to the music school Musicians Institute.

At the school Annette won the prize "Most outstanding vocalist of the year" and Peter got nominated as 4 among 600 guitarists as the "Most outstanding guitarist of the year". They recorded an EP "First Injection" with 4 songs who they released in 1996 in Denmark, and got a great deal of airplay in the Danish radios (DR). Soulful Injection played at the morning show "Go' Morgen Danmark" (TV2) and at several local TV stations, and did concerts at venues and festivals.

Soulful Injection is now ready with a new CD called, "Feels so good". The CD is the outcome of a fantastic co work between producer, Nicky Brown and Annette and Peter. Marcellus Fernandes, has done a great job mixing and mastering the CD. "Feels so good" is produced and mixed at the Premises Studio and at Marcellus' private studio in London. Nicky Brown wrote several songs for Earth Wind and Fire's "Millennium" album, he did arrangements for Madonna, and produced Jocelyn Brown's newest album among many other credits. Marcellus Fernandes produced and mixed for artists as Rihanna, David Bowie, Pat Metheny, All Saints and more, so we are talking about a co work of a high international character.

The title song "Feels so good" is about meeting your soul mate in life, enjoy the magic, and appreciate love! - In the song "Slow down", Soulful Injection describe the, far too busy, business man, who's only focused on materialistic things in life, forgetting how to live in the moment. "Get up, get up, get on your feet" makes the listener stand up and dance. It gives you a feeling of freedom, and that you can do anything you want, with the earth as your playground.

Soulful Injection has been offered a record deal and a publishing deal in Germany. They are still negotiating and considering what they should do.

In 2004 Annette and Peter participated in the show "Scenen er din" (The stage is yours) on the Danish TV2, and Annette sang in "All-stars" with Flemming "Bamse" Jørgensen in 2009.



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