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  • PUBLISHED May 29, 2010


    May 29 2010

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When I was sixteen I moved away from my home in Denmark and back to Greenland to be with my father and reconnect with my native Greenlandic roots. I started working at the local supermarket in Qaqortoq, as a delivery boy and by chance became friends with a convicted killer and mafia boss, who worked there as well (we have open prisons in Greenland because it's really hard to run away since there are no roads or anything...) He was a nice guy and he taught me how to be tough and stand up for myself, but more importantly I found out that you can't judge people until you've gotten to know them, if ever. I also realized that I really wanted to play music, rather than work at a supermarket, or any other job for that matter. I'd fallen in love with Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby Stills & Nash, Cat Stevens and other songwriters and really felt the need to express myself in that way. When I moved back to Denmark after a year of hard work in the "real world" I was extremely motivated to pursue my dream to play music. I spent three years in school in Denmark and played in cover bands and secretly wrote songs at home. I moved to Copenhagen after I was done with school and started writing more songs and performing them. I formed different bands that played my songs and traveled to London several times to perform. I ended up spending a lot of time in Nashville writing on Music Row, and also went to LA and performed, co-wrote and recorded. I've had many chances to record an album, but didn't do it. Now I have. I hope you'll like it.



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