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GYPSY SOLDIERS performs the song "DIRTY LAUNDRY" for BalconyTV.
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After wandering the earth for over a decade she finds him full of soul amongst a killer jam session. Natasha Hardiman and Patrick Gill are the back bone of the band Gypsy Soldiers, both based in Mackay they met all current members of the band at one of the many thriving jam sessions in the Mackay region.

The Gypsy Soldiers fluctuate from a duo to a 6 piece band bringing together their own unique talents and authentic sound. Energetic, tight, heart thumping sound with theatrics to connect with every audience.
With a mixture of many different influences they find their sound is constantly changing.

In 2017 the band recorded their first EP Paper dreams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlO4EgpzWAI&list=PLxXPqaMFAlE9afQ9q1NPF4XPiK0T20jvH

Songs written about alcohol dependency in a drinking culture. The lyrics capture real life in the pub scene and characters met along the way. Delivered to you in a style they call folked up alco rock.
The Gypsy Soldiers were front and centre on the main stage at the Airlie Beach festival of music with a 7 piece band, in 2017 they played Winton outback festival as well as NQ Bikes, Bulls and Buggies, Mackay Beach Horse Races, Bowen Fishing Classic and many other events and parties around the Mackay region.

Patrick Gill shreds on guitar with melodic riffs and his rhythmic tones will set you on fire. A vocal range starting way down in his boots and finishing in a strong falsetto.

Natasha Hardiman on vocals sings with attitude and all her heart and soul she also plays guitar and percussion.

James Neill on drums lays down the beats with a flamboyant style and adds captivating vocal harmonies.

Allan Doherty on harmonica plays with powerful precision and is a master of his tone.
Jason Johns on bass makes the bass truly sing and you can’t help but groove to the beat.



Presented by: Aleta Tulk
Video by: Andy Mack
Audio by: Kris Hutchinson

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