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  • PUBLISHED Nov 25, 2011


    Nov 25 2011

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His baggage tells it all:
while others wouldn't ever travel without taking their umbrella -- as you never know what the weather may be like -- and while many wouldn't break up without a suitable evening dress -- as you never know, which party you will involved in -- you will never see Attila Vural leaving home without his guitar: as you never know which melody is going to cross your path.

No need to say that his music sounds like a big suitcase full of lovely holiday memories -- yet those are no fancy city day-trips, nor are they sailing adventures giving illusions of a pink painted moon-shine romance. The 1972 born guitarist, currently living in Zurich, Switzerland, rather tells us about journeys undertaken with eyes and hearts wide open, during which the musician is inspired by a touch of Latin American rhythm, tonalities from good old Jazz, and sober melodies close to straightforward Pop.

Since his very first arrangements, dating back to the early nineties, a creative mixture of influences characterizes the music written by Attila Vural. This mixture inspired both Vural's own interpretations and the style of the various formations that played his compositions (Saf-Inütill, Approaches). Furthermore, Vural's percussive mode of guitar playing is inspired very particularly by the German guitarist Claus Boesser-Ferrari. Other important inputs came from the experimental pieces by Andy Summers (Police).

In 1997, it was Dominic Miller's CD "First Touch" that led him to focus increasingly on his solo guitar endeavor. Three years ago, he decided to consecrate his passion entirely to the single guitar. He plays six- and twelve-string instruments and counts since recently on the support of a special edition 14-string mixture between Mandolin and Dobro guitar (guitar facture: Mitgel Noldin).

Join Attila Vural's guitar and embark on a trip into the world of musical encounters. Two Solo-CD's are available to invite you there -- "A handful of Thoughts" (2004), "Painting a Reverie" (2007), "Some Place Of Sounding" (2009) and, coming soon, "the Last Laugh" (2010). On many occasions, Attila Vural also performs live on stage: recently, he appeared not only nationwide in Switzerland, but also in the USA, in the European Acoustic Guitar Night at Rome's Theatre Goethe- Institute, the "Open-Strings" Guitar Festival in Osnabruck, Germany and the International Festival Neuotting also in Germany. Among other things he plays a live soundtrack for the silent movie "the last laugh" by F.W. Murnau which he played on the Music Festival in Winterthur too.

Whether you join him live or on CD: A musical journey with Attila Vural will take you to places that you would not have thought a solo guitar may discover.


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