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  • PUBLISHED Feb 05, 2013


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Alex Henriksson is a singer and a songwriter.

Alex began his musical story in 2004 when he formed Townsville cult band 'The Moors Murders' He spent the next couple of years bringing major touring bands to Townsville, and working with both his own band and other emerging local artist putting on all ages shows at both the PCYC and Palm Creek folk festival. These shows were a platform to showcase the amazing talent that NQ had to offer.

A couple of years went by and Alex moved to Brisbane. Although their post hardcore band came along for the journey, they soon went their separate ways with one of the singers taking TMM back to NQ.

Alex's first collaboration was as a guitarist with Valkere. But meeting Chris and Aaron would have a long lasting impact.

In 2010 Chris and Alex together with Boz, Nate and Robbie formed Brisbane's favourite punk/country outfit Bang Bang Boss Kelly. After the release of their first EP, the bands musical direction was rapidly outgrowing the banjo, so Chris moved on. For many in the music industry this had seemed like a drastic and unforseen move, but it really highlights the extraordinary songwriting story that Alex and BBBK were on. They had not only played every major venue in Brisbane, but they also took the band on the road to Sydney, Canberra, everything in between, and showcased at Woodford 2010, Brisbane Festival and more.

Their second album has been recorded and will soon be available on vinyl. This includes many of their newer, larger songs 'War on God' and 'Stolen from England' both telling very powerful stories of betrayal against humanity.

2012, and BBBK take a short break while band members journey overseas. A few solo shows brings the realisation of his love for old songs and acoustic songs. Alex takes this time to explore writing and playing solo. One of the first songs is written as a direct response to the global Occupy movement and the powerful images portrayed on the web and in the streets. 'In My Own Time" (Henriksson/Gyte) is picked up by Occupy Wall St facebook site and is instantly used as New Years anthem with members sharing it around the globe.

2012 might be the end of the world as we know it, but its just another step of the journey of Alex Henriksson as solo artist, lead singer in 'Bang Bang Boss Kelly'



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