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Presented by Zeb Achonu
Produced by Zoe Allwood
Photographed by Jei Tootle
Edited and Directed by The Sprezz

London-based 5-piece, Treetop Flyers graced our humble balcony the other day before scooting around the country on a whirlwind tour. Having recently won the Emerging Talent competition the guys are off to play the main stage at Glastonbury, but not before sharing the same London festival with folk god Bob Dylan.

The guys evoke a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young kinda-vibe, with their awesome vocals harmonies and skillful guitar playing sure to be a huge hit this summer. We loved having them on, and cant wait to see more of theses guys as their certain-to-be-successful career unfolds.

Keep 'em peeled to BalconyTV London, the quality music keeps on coming!

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