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  • PUBLISHED Mar 21, 2012


    Mar 21 2012

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Paul Hegley is a singer and songwriter from Bedfordshire. His blues-influenced music seems to leap from the shadows of the greats, with a gritty edge befitting of the modern youth, coupled with a poetic lyrical flair. Musically he's at home with his Gibson guitar and vintage amps, drawing influence from hallowed greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, and Robert Johnson, right through to modern day hero's such as the Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys. His debut solo album, Fallen Angel, was released to acclaim last year, a folksy-blues tumble through summers evenings and localised culture. He's now recruited a band, and work on the second album is underway. The promise of something rawer yet more refined in one package.

Paul developed his song writing craft under the guidance of his uncle, poet John Hegley, which gave him the chance to support him across the land, from intimate gig to Glastonbury, ensuring this is not just a young man with stars in his eyes, but rather a skilled musician with a yearning soul and passion for integrity, all so refreshing in the pop culture age. Paul is a modern blues man with his eye firmly set on success.


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