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Don't be fooled by their sweet exterior, the Gladeyes will creep under your skin and haunt you with nightmares of lost-loves. In their debut album, Psychosis of Love Jade and Gwen express, confess, and attempt to explain those things that in our own lives are often difficult to make sense of, that we screw up time and time again without knowing why, that are impossible but must all the same be attempted and with reckless optimism. And they do all this with the seriousness of magicians, the humour and slapstick of a stand-up comedy duo, and all the mystery and sincerity of gifted songwriters.

Of course, the Gladeyes couldn't do everything themselves, and were delighted to be joined by a wonderful group of musicians who contributed to this album, including Ryan McPhun (Ruby Suns, the Brunettes), who played drums on a number of the songs, as well as James Milne (Lawrence Arabia, the Reduction Agents) Tim Guy, and Henry Oliver (Die! Die! Die!) who all helped out on bass. Another very special addition was the Auckland Children and Youth choir, who added a spine-tingling chorus....

Tune in again!!!

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