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Sound Engineer - Nick Smith
Audio & Video production by Joe Lynch and Brian Levin


As a result of the break up of SkateAroundChippy in 2004, a Dallas punk/ska band, lead singer and song writer, Angie Munsey was determined to continue with her music aspirations and immediately began writing songs and searching for band members for her new project... The Beat Dolls., an upbeat rock n' roll band with punk and ska influences, with a second vocalist for harmonies, mixing her love of rock n'roll and 1940's female singing groups. The name of the band was graciously borrowed from Jack Starr

of "Born Petrified" fame; a song called Beat Doll that just has a cool ring to it & besides, Jack Starr is

Angie's dad; don't think he'll mind.

The Beat Dolls., including former guitar player/song writer for SkateAroundChippy, turned bass player/songwriter for The Beat Dolls, Ramon, met many roadblocks in the search for other members so with an ever changing lineup, the band played very few shows, which left the founding members feeling frustrated & hopeless with a complete breakup in 2008.

In 2009 with a fresh attitude and some lessons learned, Angie began her journey toward the new and improved Beat Dolls, still with a few roadblocks but the need to move forward, feeling this is the right time for The Beat Dolls. Ramon moved on to concentrate on his band, The Scary Mondelos, but still stands on the sidelines with a supportive cheer and creative input. So, with a supportive new line up, the band began playing shows around Austin & San Antonio, while slowly but surely, people have begun to take notice. With the band's strong determination, The Beat Dolls. should have no problem achieving the goals they've set for themselves', where the sky is the limit.


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