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Cinematographer: Chris O'Konski

Tatiana Kochkareva has baggage. Hailing from Moscow, Russia, the singer/songwriter left home at the young age of 16 and moved to sunny Miami, Florida. Kochkareva's vocal prowess, which she honed while studying under Irina Vladimirovna (trained by the Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich), earned her a full scholarship to study jazz at the University of Miami.

Influenced by cultural change and transitioning to life in the U.S., Tatiana soon began writing her first rock album, Moments. Alexander Kuzmichev, bass player of the award-winning Russian rock band Voskreseniye recorded the album. The collaboration proved fruitful. The resulting product included hits "Memories," a vindictive rock ballad and Chances," a high energy rock song about fearlessly pursuing one's goals.'s Beeb Aschroft lauded, "This album vaguely reminds me of Evanescence without the Goth overtones...captivating from beginning to end."

Capturing the attention of EMI that same year, Kochkareva was invited to participate in the christmas-themed compilation Universidad Navidena (2006) and was featured as a solo artist with her jazzy take on "Jingle Bells."

In 2007 Fabrika Zvezd, a musical competition similar to America Idol, which airs weekly on National Russian TV, selected Kochkareva as a guest performer where she performed songs off her first album.

In the summer of 2009, Tatiana completed work on her second album Dreamers, this time inspired by her move from Miami to New York City. It is unmistakably rock but introduces something of a pop vibe, particularly on the title track. The album has earned buzz and recognition for its deep, rich vocals and intelligent lyrics, including the scintillating "Social Standing," a song about society life on the Upper East Side. "Dear Friend" and "Mistakes" round out the record, as Kochkareva's philosophical side is unveiled. Reflecting on her experiences in "Mistakes" she affirms, "In life there's lots to learn." The Times Ledger reported "Kochkareva sings all six songs with an intensity that is enhanced by her distinctive voice, which has a haunting, rich, textured depth reminiscent of Nina Simone." The Miami New Times declares, "It's an ebullient, engaging offering that suggests whimsy and reality can make a tidy meld when imbued with passion and purpose."

Tatiana is currently in the studio working on a full length album due to be released in 2012.

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