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Cinematographer: Chris O'Konski

In 2009 Cameron Spies caught Lizzy Ellison becoming transfixed by the fluid movement of a bank teller's hands -- an involuntary hypnotic condition that Spies oddly enough shared. This phenomenon was the catalyst for a wellspring of creative projects the duo spawned over the next few years: among them, founding a DIY cassette tape label, planting a thriving vegetable garden in the backyard of their Portland, Oregon home and forming dream pop outfit Radiation City, which after only a few live performances was already being lauded as "one of Portland's more polished and promising young acts...a new generation that doesn't care much for the longstanding walls between slow acoustic pop, dance music, experimental electronic music and distortion-fueled rock (Willamette Week)"

Owning and operating Apes Tapes, Ellison and Spies' cassette-tape only label, put the duo in a position of musical saturation, and after participating in multiple bands and side-projects of those bands, they decided to sit down and do it right. The band's full-length debut, The Hands That Take You, first surfaced in February 2011 on Apes Tapes. The product of intention--to them, it's something special or, as Spies puts it, "almost like it's a lady you want to treat real nice." Following the local and national attention Radiation City received from these recordings, the band is now teaming up with Portland-based label Tender Loving Empire (Typhoon, Loch Lommond) to release the album nationally on CD and vinyl.

Radiation City is influenced by certain staple macro-genres such as 60's bossa nova and Chicago jazz, but their version of this classical sound is supported by irresistible pop vocal hooks and the employment of minimal electronics which provide rhythm but leave plenty of space. Ellison leads the pack both vocally and with the driving warmth of her Wurlitzer. Spies' telecaster and vocal harmonies complete Ellison's hooks, rounded out by the addition of bassist Matt Rafferty and drummer Randy Bemrose. With the fall release of The Hands That Take You, Radiation City is poised to break out beyond their backyard as one of the Northwest city's brightest acts and become an unparalleled pop force coming to a town near you.

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