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Nicole Maguire was raised in Conna, Co. Cork.At only 22 years old she is already gaining a positive reputation amongst industry officials in Ireland and abroad. Sam Feldman, manager of the world famous Norah Jones called her voice simply beautiful. inspired by her uncles, Nicole picked up the guitar at the age of 12. After a mere 2 weeks she was joining in on their traditional music sessions. By thirteen she was composing her own material, beginning a lifelong journey as a songwriter. This fiery determination and passion for her art was not lost on one of her recent reviews. Samantha Cathall of the Avondhu press noted that nicole has grabbed her dream with both hands and is slowly but surely climbing her way to great success.

Nicole's unique style of songwriting emerged from being exposed to artists such as tori Amos, Pj Harvey, The Cranberries, Tracy Chapman and the Beatles to name but a few. Publications such as Corks Evening Echo have described her compositions and solid...dynamic and sultry. Her song Mistaken was deemed as so damn catchy while Someone's Rose was so powerful.

In the last four years Nicole has made many recordings, the most recent being the single 'lipstick girl' which was her debut single. Since then Nicole hasn't wasted a minute. She has been gigging up and down the country with the odd trip across the water to London's most prestigious intimate venues such as the Troubador. Nicole has also set up her own record label 'mistaken records' and is currently recording her debut album due for release later this year.

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