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'Generation Game' is an album of 10 new original songs written and performed by Irish singer-songwriter Niall Boyle. Recorded and produced in Ireland with Dave McCune and mastered by Grammy Award Winner Bob Katz in U.S.A. Niall studied music and piano and recieved a Music Degree from N.U.I. Maynooth and a Higher Diploma in Music Education from Limerick University. However song writing and performance is his greatest passion and upon leaving college he went on to record his debut album 'Stop, Look, Listen' with some of Ireland's finest musicians such as Richie Buckley on sax (Van Morrision) and Gerry O'Connor on fiddle. 'Niall has a fine ear for a catchy melody and a snazzy chorus'. Hotpress april 2000, Jackie Hayden. 'Generation Game' is Niall's long awaited second album and is truly a fine collection of soulful, piano-driven songs with great melodies and catchy chorus littered with powerful words and lines. The album has songs guaranteed to make you sing, dance, think, laugh and cry, with lyrics ranging from the topical 'Interactive Weather' and 'The Fall of Rome' to the heartfelt 'Jellyfish' and 'The Union Man', (A tribute to his deceased father). 'a song of sorrow and loss, joy and love-an emotional listening experience'. 'This is an excellent piece of work from the highly talented, well-respected and muched-loved Drogheda musician'. Drogheda Independent 06/02/08. The album showcases Niall's powerful song-writing skills and distinctive voice. It also includes two bonus re-recorded tracks from 'Stop, Look, Listen'. 'I Wish You Wouldn't Do that' and 'Remote Control'.

Tune in again tomorrow!!!

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