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Midnight Youth are a rock n' roll band. A real band, whose music and group identity would make you rush to discover where you could sign on and join up. It's a sound you don't hear much anymore, but it's unmistakeable and it's what you'll hear when listening to the new songs from Midnight Youth.

Hard as it is to believe, it's been three years since we last heard from the group. Their ubiquity in the mainstream at the time betraying the two years of grunt work and dues paying they'd put in to become an "overnight success".

Their singles 'The Letter' and 'All On Our Own' gave the charts a shake-up, bringing stadium-filling hooks and rousing choruses back into fashion while simultaneously going Platinum in the process.

Since then they've been largely quiet, at lease on the home front, but you better believe they weren't resting on any perceived laurels. Instead the band went out into the world and did what they'd always done; taken their music to the people.

Tours in America and a relentless gig schedule across the ditch in Australia saw Midnight Youth solidifying as a musical unit, tightening and toughening up and enthralling audiences with their raucous live energy.

And that's what you hear when you listen to their songs; Midnight Youth is not just five musicians playing together, it's a group, a musical hive mind, a gang.

Tune in again soon!

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