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Maggie is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress located in Los Angeles. Her creative pursuits have ranged from performing in the original musical "Behind Closed Doors," to touring with the Grammy nominated band Fun. She performs and records regularly both solo and with various artists and has been featured as a musician on multiple television and radio programs around the country.

BalconyTV Los Angeles // Brought to you in association with 
Cindi Avnet: Producer / Talent Booker 
Aleah Wolinsky: Cinematographer 
Recorded & Mixed By: Jeff Bates 
Assistant Audio Engineer: Anabel Correa 
Atara Gottschalk: Co-Producer / Talent Booker 
Leah Hobbs: Associate Producer 
Aleah Wolinsky: Field Producer 

Special Thanks to Ohad for Balcony Location!

Tune in again to BalconyTV //

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