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  • PUBLISHED Apr 20, 2012


    Apr 20 2012

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JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE, Rock and Roll is bigger and better in Texas, and representing Texas in this arena is Lynette Brehm.

From the early age of four Lynette was strutting through her San Antonio living room stretching her vocal chords and belting out tunes. At seven years old Lynette added the recorder to her arsenal. Lynette's grandmother was a professional opera singer in the Houston Opera Company and one of the first Hispanic women to sing on the radio in Texas in the 1920s and 1930s. Lynette saw this growing up and realized it was perfectly normal to be bold. Lynette's grandmother and recorder were replaced by AC/DC, Black Crowes, the Rolling Stones, and a Gibson Les Paul. Picking up the guitar was as natural as could be, it compliments the energy within and it makes Lynette one of the most genuinely "Rock and Roll" performers on the scene today.

Combining English and Spanish language material is one of the ingredients which has set Lynette apart from the rest. She is proud to represent her roots... all of them! Lynette rocks with the best of them, especially on stage. "There's nothing else like it, " she says. "When I'm playing live, every bone in my body is engaged and I don't know what's coming next. It's pure self-expression. I start down beat one at 100% intensity and emotion and I go up from there, each song after that. In a word—it ROCKS!"

The intensity of Lynette's material is not limited to just the music; the lyrical content and the motivation behind every song is equally important. "My songs are meant to inspire people to reach beyond their current vision and to take action to live their dreams. What it takes to live your dreams is Courage and Action." Lynette takes a page from her own book by doing something most other artists don't. One of her original songs, " Can I Come Over?" requires her to perform Over's solo with just her guitar as back-up. Pretty gutsy when you have a full band by your side but you decide to go it alone.

Lynette spends her time recording new material with award winning producers, rockin' the crowds in Hollywood and Texas, and jamming with as many other musicians she can find. She carries the flag of Rock and Roll with pride; she IS bigger and better than the rest!


Let's Rock!

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