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Jeremy's What It Comes Down To E.P. is the first attempt of this North Carolina native to compile his descriptive and emotive songwriting into one place.
Drawing his influences from the news headlines, literary references and personal experiences traveling around the country as a theatre actor, Jeremy writes with such a vivid imagery almost making the listener believe they are right there with him. Jennifer Layton of Indie-Music.com writes, "I fell in love with Jeremy Aggers...any folk fan would swoon."
Indeed, while Jeremy may just be starting he's no beginner at the art of entertaining and telling a good story.

It's clear that singer/songwriter Jeremy Aggers is a captivating performer in the most unusual sort of way.
He has no bravado and doesn't demand attention. He doesn't dance around or bang on his guitar. He simply
performs. And through the power of his calm presence, and by the strength of his music, rooms quiet, heads turn, and people listen.
- Adrian Varnum Encore Weekly

Slow-burning folk rock from Atlanta that sometimes sounds like Tom Waits, if his voice cleared up. Other
times, it sounds rather rootsier. Either way, Aggers is a talent to watch.
- Wilmington Star-News

[What It Comes Down To] is a great debut...It showcases thoughtful and blindsiding lyrical prowess, clean
guitars and a voice that exudes so much power with so little effort.
- Midnight United



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