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Jamie Marshall is an English singer - songwriter now living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. He performs solo acoustic shows and tours with successful Czech musician and singing star Věra Martinová.
For 20 years, Jamie was part of London's live music scene, gigging at venues as varied as the Royal Festival Hall, the Twelve Bar Club, and the Jazz Cafe.
Nationally, he appeared on UK radio (Radio 1, Radio 2, and Radio 5) and television (BBC 1, BBC 2, Channel 4, and Sky TV). At a local level, Jamie was the featured live music guest on numerous local radio stations including; BBC GLR, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Radio Newcastle. In the Czech Republic he was the featured musician on Public TV "Na Plovarna Bez Plavek" talk show.
In October 2001, Jamie was the guest of media iconoclast and all-round geezer Big George on his BBC Three Counties Radio show The Sound of Music. His live performance on the show prompted George to hail Jamie as: "A real musical giant ... one of the music gems of this country"
Outside of performing, Jamie has written music for television, including the theme tune for the BBC comedy "A Prince Among Men", and for a touring comedy show featuring Chris Barrie Chris Barrie.

Tune in to BalconyTV Prague next time !!!

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