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Presented by Jamie Stephens
Photographed by Jei Tootle
Produced by Zoe Allwood
Edited & Directed by David Marshall

In the third month of 2009, Rick found himself alone with lots of songs. He only knew four chords. A week later, he met Matt, who happened to have lots of instruments and a tape recorder. They bought some microphones, recorded a lot of songs, and then played some good and some not very good shows.
Rick continues to embark on his adventure of storytelling from picture books, daydreams and apparent religious menace (yeah don't ask me either) while Matt continues to push the record button.

These are guys are already garnering a huge amount of support and BalconyTV expects big things for them. And remember - you saw them here first... Their windy and rave-interupted performance on BTV London does not do Dressed Like Wolves justice so check 'em out here:

Tune in again to BTV London, the music keeps growing and will never stop. Plus, if you like us on Facebook you'll never miss out on all the newness.

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