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Lara Eidi is a singer-songwriter of Greek, Lebanese and Canadian ethnicity. She self-produced and released her debut EP "Little People " ( 2012 Irida Studios) to great reviews in the Greek scene , and the the summer of 2013 was the launch of 'The LaraCollectives' showcase of their work, starting with a private concert at the American College of Greece . Playing to sell out crowds in Beirut, Lebanon (international music festival ) and the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe festival to warm reviews they came back to Greece to find a renewed and eager audience that culminated in a series of radio interviews ( StardustRadio, CR-Creatures, Balcony TV London). During December of 2013 they were joined by another well known musician and their friend Giotis Paraskevaidis on guitar .

What makes this band unique is the different elements that each member brings to Lara's music: Stavros' innate sense of harmonies and orchestral melodies from one cello; Giotis skilled and elegant guitar playing and experience of arrangement; and Lara's inspiration for song-writing and original melodies. The band's musical tastes blend folk-rock, ethnic, indie-pop and vocal layerings .Influences draw from the powerful songwriting talents of Joni Mitchell, to the vocal freedom of Lisa Gerard, to the rock edge of Pink Floyd and the instrumental layerings of Philip Glass. Giotis vamps, Stavros orchestrates, Lara improvises. The music isn't just folk, nor just pop, nor indie. It's experimental folk . At least that's what they think.

Lara Eidi- Voice, piano, acoustic guitar, loops

Stavros Parginos: cello, loops, vocals

Giotis Paraskeviades: guitars, vocals

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