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Well, I guess every story begins with a presentation, right ?, I'm not exactly a monument of women, just that I confess to being over forty, and I try to keep my best, I tend to be robust without being fat, I measure 1 , 65 cm., White skin, short black hair, however I am the colonel's wife, with all that implies, living in barracks, with years of rigorous routines and others, with young people who come and go in uniform.

What I want to tell you, happened to me one Sunday I had traveled in the morning, my parents' house, so as not to be alone when my husband was on a commission, he was driving a pickup truck, when I stopped to refuel, and eat something I still had about three hours to go, I was wearing a light blouse, a knee-length skirt without stockings, and white cotton underwear, before you ask me, sandals, since it was a hot day.

When I sat down to eat, I noticed that in the background there was a group of soldiers, four really, with their talks aloud, I immediately recognized that they were from my husband's barracks, although I did the disguise, one of them saw me, and I think I told him in a low voice to others, really after I did not pay attention, I ate, I drank, and I was calm, when one of them approached me, very politely I wonder if I was really the Colonel's wife, saying Yes, he started a talk with a lot of kindness, I wonder if it was a lot of trouble, since we were going to the same place, if I could take them, at first it seemed a bit inconvenient, and so I let him know, he left with his colleagues a little disappointed.

Once I finished paying the bill and preparing to continue my trip, I felt their eyes like puppy dogs, I had a moment of weakness, it would not be the last of that afternoon, and I approached his table, they looked at me with joy, and I told them that if they were ready and if they behaved properly they could come with me, so they almost tripped up and picked up their things and left behind me, when they got to the truck, they decided who would sit in the front seat with me, and the rest back seat, so began the trip back to the barracks.

When I got up to drive, the skirt had been lifted, without realizing for a while I was showing part of the leg to my co-pilot, as his teammates had called him, he gave me a sideways glance from time to time, I did not understand Until I saw my thigh in the air, immediately I blushed and fit to cover it, the boy next to me looked disappointed, well seeing it well, it was not bad looking, but I took that thought out of my head, they having some confidence followed with their conversations of what they did over the weekend, with some gesture of mine if the conversations were raised in pitch.
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So I spend an hour on the road, and I confess that I wanted something different to happen, when the sodas that I had taken had an effect, I needed to urinate urgently, but we were at a point on the road that was a lot short for the next season, so I decided, to step on the truck, where there were more bushes and trees, and I told them to wait for me and behave well, then I came back, I got off and went into the bushes near a tree, I crouched down and when I finished I felt a greater relief, in the distance I noticed that I was not the only one with the same idea.
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When I got up and put on my underwear, and put my skirt on, I noticed that my co-pilot had followed me and had hidden behind the tree, "Look, scoundrel, get out of there!" I told him, you were spying on me, he with his very washed face told me that yes, and that he had liked what he had seen, with that I disarmed all the scolding, to which I added, that he would be fascinated with seeing more, is one piece, I approached and told him with a challenge, so he wants to see more the soldier, well look up my skirt showing me all from the waist down, total had the underwear on, you like, I asked, Is that all? I wonder.

It seems little, I said I lifted my shirt, look good, I approached gently, and I finish it off, I hug and kiss me, I was like in shock, with what was happening, with his vigorous hands I take off the bra, leaving my breasts at her mercy, then I take off my skirt and my underwear leaving me naked in the middle of the mountain, I pull out his penis, dark and erect, and he turned my face towards him, at first I rejected him, but he forced me to kneel and rubbed my face, until he put it in my mouth, I took it with my hand and began to suck it, eagerly, I masturbated it, and a few moments I got up and put myself on my back to him putting my hands on the trunk of the tree, I just told him to hurry up before the others realize, without having finished my sentence, he penetrated me with all his impetus, I take by the hips with force,I began to move with his rhythm, with a deep and intense penetration I began to moan, until he finished and I too, let go and I dropped on my side next to the trunk still panting.

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