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I had always loved singing as a child growing up, despite the fact that I was rejected to be a part of the national anthem choir when I was 8(ouch!).
Unfortunately, I don't have any crazy stories to tell about tortured childhood or substance abuse or any other abuse that makes me want to become an artist. I was raised in a very happy and loving home. I've had a fair share of heartache though.
The first time I sang on stage is what I recall as the worst day of my life. Hurtful teasing for WEEKS! But it made want to work harder. The first thing I did was stop listening to crap music..umm..gradually.
Through the stories narrated in songs, stories I have related to and those that moved me, I have evolved to become this person I am today. This is all I aspire to do. I want to give hope to someone who has lost all sense of any. Comfort, warmth. I want to change lives through the stories I am yet to tell. Most of all I want to perfect my craft.
Contact: [email protected]

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