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Daniel has noticed big changes in the music industry since he began recording 6 years ago. In the beginning of his career, producers tried to force their vision of what he needed to act, dress and sound like. Fearing his music would lose it's identity, Daniel resolved to remain true to his artistry. "The freedom to express myself honestly is what makes me relatable."

After everything is said and done, Daniel says it is life’s hurdles that make us powerful. He also believes that he is a current representation of the new generation that allows an artist such as himself to exist. “Today’s youth are the first to realize that music doesn’t have to be black and white." Life, heartache and passion are the three main ingredients that inspire Daniel’s songwriting.

His first single "Down" off of his upcoming EP is a sexually charged song about what happens when lust meets love. It is reminiscent of old school R&B yet, powered by a Pop undertone that is guaranteed to speak to a diverse audience.


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