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X3SR, indie | electronic | ambient, brother duo from Miami, Florida. Consisting of a full live, analog set. Prepare your eyes, ears, and soul for a euphoric journey, and an atmospheric travel that will carry you through an endless cosmic flow of projected sound. With barely even being around for 2 years, the amount of success these boys have covered is somewhat unreal, from numerous amounts of blog/press reviews from big names such as IndieShuffle, The MusicNinja, SVNSET WAVES, AnalogueSpheres, CassetteRewind, TerminallyChill, Threadless Clothing, and much more and also recently with their biggest single "UNCONDITIONAL" signed with record label of "Armin van Buuren", Armada Music, it's not only but a ticking time bomb until these guys set forth on successful journey of untold endeavors. Keep your eyes locked on X3SR.

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