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Karen Anne, grew up in Central West NSW, Australia, in a little town called Woodstock. She left home, worked a normal job, went to university and did all the things grown ups are supposed to do, but aside from her two beautiful kids, nothing else made sense.

In late 2004, Karen Anne made a life changing decision in to buy a guitar and teach herself to play. Writing songs came next as a way to vent and express what she going through, feelings both good and bad. She soon packed up her two kids, left her Nursing career and moved to Tamworth, NSW, to hone her song writing skills. This proved a positive move as she has two songs “Feels Like Sunday” and “Giddy Up”, co-written with Matt Scullion, on his album “Put it Down To Experience”. (In 2010 “Giddy Up” made its way to the Silver Screen as part of the soundtrack for the Australian Comedy “Charlie and Boots”.) Although 'Giddy Up' is not her typical style of writing it showed her ability to be diverse at an early stage in her career.

In 2006 the gypsy in her begged to moved again to a more coastal location. Finding herself as a singer songwriter involved taking off the metaphorical training wheels and attending the occasional open mic nights, where audiences appreciated the sincerity of her lyrics, while being drawn in by the melodies. Karen Anne presents an intimate performance that draws the audience in with thought provoking lyrics delivered with her warm tender vocal. Her sound, while her own, is often compared to that of Joni Mitchell and Sara MacLachlan.

A chance meeting with the Racz Sisters Ingrid and Tahlia in late 2008, saw the formation of the Award Winning Trio Racz’n Waters. After almost 3 years performing with her sisters in song, Karen Anne again challenged herself and decided to work on a solo project.

Her amazing journey continues, as she released her emotive Debut Mini Album "Morning Sunshine", filled with songs of dreams, hope and longing. In 2011 Karen Anne toured Ireland where she was well received, by audiences from Kinsale to Blackrock, while making a quick hop over to Southampton, England . Ireland won her heart, the people, the countryside and the music, combined made it feel like she had come home finally. Her first gig was The Zodiac Session at Bruxelles in Dublin, followed by opening for Local Band The Big Ordeal at the Folkhouse in Kinsale, with highlights such as, supporting Irish Supergroup Aslan for a show in Ballyfermot, a recording session with Balcony TV in Dublin and writing with Karen Coleman from the Bliss Routine.
Currently Karen Anne continues to write and is planning to record in 2013.

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