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The stage is set, Otis makes a final adjustment to the height of his throne sat tightly behind his machine, Pat hits a quick thump slap to his thunder bass and a rumble vibrates the room, Riley gives his electric bow a quick swipe with his pick and there is a last quite cough from Joe clearing his throat of the tooheys he has just energised himself with..
and with that Jackie Brown kick out the jams for 50 mins of genre blending funk
But there is a narrative that set that scene in motion.

The Jackie Brown was a plan, set in motion in early 2014.
Pat had departed his recent band with the vision of creating music that transcended genre, time and border lines.
It was with the uploading an early demo of a P Funk/Chili Peppers inspired song called Swaggerstory that opened up the highway of creation, putting the 4 dudes on that stage.
Like all good relationships of 2014 it started on the net, Riley picked up the tune and being another funk brother, they met up for the first jam of what would be JackieBrown.
Slowly they recognised the compatibility they had between their instruments and bonded.
Shortly after the lyrical and vocal dynamite that is Joe was added to the mix.
The way he effortlessly painted the musical canvas with his lyrics and melody automatically gave him rights to Frontman and wordsmith of JackieBrown.

Finally the power pocket funkmachine Otis entered their lives. He came in and hooked onto Pats Bass rhymes with ease and has sat on his throne behind the boys since.
And with that and a couple of months under their belt, they proceeded to hit the bars and clubs of sydney taking their genre fusion of funk, rock, hip hop and pop to as many ears that would fall on them.

To be continued...

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