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At times compared to Billy Joel, Dave can inspire with vocal range and power. He performs as a solo act (vocal and piano) and in jazz/pop ensembles.

Dave’s original songs cross over amongst various styles- jazz, lyrical pop, blues, world. Some have very amusing lyrics. Some are enhanced by the vibrancy of his classical and show-tune background. He has been composing, producing and performing in Austin since 2007.

Dave’s CD ‘The MAD BALLADEER’ was produced last year in Austin. Musicians playing with Dave on this CD include Ephraim Owens, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Javier Chaparro, Monte Mann, Nick Connolly, Paul Klemperer, Corrina Rachel and Michael Shay. ‘The MAD BALLADEER’ contains 9 originals and 3 cover songs.

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