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Known for his lyrical sophistication, Damon Daye is a rising star in an era where multi-talented, classically inspired artists are in demand. Combining the influences of old-school R&B with hip, contemporary sensibilities, Daye's work reaches a diverse audience of listeners. Pairing thoughtful, complex lyrics with high production value.

With his roots in poetry and doubling as an emcee, this singer/songwriter has honed his skills and musical appreciation to produce a sound all his own. With inspiration from the genius of artists such as Miles Davis, Bob Marley and Curtis Mayfield, juxtaposed with current artist such as Cold Play, Kanye West & Chris Brown. Damon Daye has created music that is mood altering, that is poignant and simply beautiful. His gift traces back to his grandmother who the entire Sawyer family affectionately called, "Mimi" and her strength as a southern woman raising five sons on her own. Condensing the circle of family inspiration, his father shared his love of sound and harmonies, having belonged to a quartet with his siblings, called the Sawyer Brothers, a group whose talents led them to local tours, competitions and appearances on the famed Apollo stage.

Having performed on stages in many U.S. cities, Daye’s abilities are finally achieving the recognition deserved. For example, audiences in Philadelphia and New York gather in droves for a bit of the light he extends in his performances. His show is enthusiastic, energetic and touching. His accomplishments professionally are evidenced in his ability to write, produce and execute vocally. For some artists this journey lacks dedication and devotion and so the product becomes contrived and apparently false. But blessed with a natural gift, the music of Damon Daye is believable and expressed genuinely.

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