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The Team:

Guitars & Vocals: Ajay Vavhal
Bass Guitar: Swapnil Tarphe
Tabla & percussions: Viraj Acharya
Drums & percussions: Dushyant Deorukhkar

Short Description:

Abhangas written by the 16th century saints, itself means 'Undestructable verses" explaining the facts of life, which nowadays too relate to society.

Long Description:

The band is about recomposing Abhangas to spread the wisdom in it,through modern music forms.

Yes,we perform only the Abhangas. But we do so using pop,punk rock, jazz and folk fusion.Every saint had his/her own genre and so do we.


Down the line making of Abhanga Repost wasn't just an overnight phenomenon.

Tracing back to 2014 it was a tough time how to present Abhangas to the masses and then the band came up with this idea of fusing Abhangas into modern music,though preserving the essence and richness of the verses and its message.
And after a long research and struggle,was the birth of Abhanga Repost.

The struggle started with Bass guitarist Swapnil Tarphe and Drummer Dush Dev and later joined by Tabla player Viraj Acharya who also percieved the same interest followed by Ajay Vavhal being the band's guitarist and lead vocalist.

Our Links:

Amhi bi Ghadlo(Sion Carnival Live)

Amhi bi Ghadlo(Girgaun Shobhayatra Live)

Aanandache Dohi(Girgaun Shobhayatra Live)

News Readings:

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