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20 Foot Drop are described as an energetic, explosive band who burst on to the music scene in Louth with their energetic crowd pumping shows. Since forming early in 2012 this rock four-piece has become a house hold name especially in Drogheda where they have developed a big following. The four lads are some of the most energetic, enthusiastic and passionate musicians going. The lads pride themsel...ves on their crowd interaction and one of their gigs wouldn't be complete with out their front-man or lead guitarist entering the crowd. It wont be long untill you see this 4 piece headlining festivals and venues, they certainly have the passion and commitment to do this. 20 Foot Drop have just released their first E.P entitled ' Shes Upstairs In MY Socks'http://soundcloud.com/20-foot-drop/sets/shes-upstairs-in-my-socks/ . They will have lots of gigs in 2013 and beyond so stay posted for information on gigs and festivals the boys will be playing.
20 Foot Drop were recently voted 'Artist of the week' on festival and gig guide irelands website! Check the boys out on Twitter : https://twitter.com/20footdrop
Check the boys out on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/user/20footdropmetal

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