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Artist Bio – ALLY MARKS

Australian vocalist and independent recording artist, ALLY MARKS, is currently creating some of her finest work to date, as she develops the tracks for her new album. Ally’s blend of tried and true pop/rock elements, with featured rock piano and outstanding vocal strength and range, is setting her place in the modern rock/pop industry.
Marks’ new works include high profile collaborations, and a vast exploration and development of her distinctive sound. Marks is an innovative musician and passionate entertainer. Her poignant lyrics are written from deep within her veins.
Whether performing solo, in her duo or accompanied by her incredible band, Marks engages audiences with her powerful tones, her obvious passion for her music and her love of performing. She has that 'special something' and when she performs; her audience is entranced and become a part of the story.
Since first taking the stage as a small child, Marks has continued developing her vocal, music and stagecraft skills throughout her life. This consummate artist is a bachelor degree qualified teacher and musician and also enjoys passing on her experience and knowledge to up and coming young artists.
Whether performing covers or her original works, Ally Marks puts her heart and soul into every note she sings and every chord she plays. Marks is a dedicated musician, playing piano, guitar, saxophone and harmonica, swapping instruments to her audiences’ delight. She covers world famous artists with confidence, adding her own special gifts to the performance.
After being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2006, Marks has dedicated much of her music and time on stage to help increase awareness of this debilitating chronic illness. “…spending long periods of time in hospital gave me time to reflect on my writing and performing and certainly increased my gratitude for being given so many opportunities to perform”.
Marks’ debut album ‘Take Control’ was released during her first remission with great success. Two songs from the album have been featured in a documentary (New Zealand) and an Australian Drama filmed in Sydney. Three songs from her first album have been included on compilation cd’s (Los Angeles & Melbourne produced).
Soon after, Marks, with band Edge of Red, released debut EP, Queen of Hearts, at The Zoo in Brisbane, Australia to a record audience.
Ally is currently recording her next album; a collaboration with some of Australia’s finest artists, to be released late 2014.
For more information, gig guide and gallery, please visit www.allymarks.com.au
To hear and download some of Ally’s performances, catch her on youtube and https://soundcloud.com/ally-marks

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