Top 5 Voted Irish Artists

Top 5 Voted Irish Artists

Here is the Top 5 voted for Irish artists in last weeks Global Music Rumble.

At 5/ It's Perfect Friction on BalconyTV Tralee who marry the life and energy of traditional Irish music with well known and loved melodies of modern pop favorites.

At 4/ It's Saffyre on BalconyTV Tralee. The girls had their debut E.P. produced in Nashville where they recruited some of Nashville's top talent to play alongside them.

At 3/ It's Chanele McGuinness on BalconyTV Dublin who just this week featured on Irish national radio.

At 2/ It's Throwing Halos on BalconyTV Dublin - a three piece group that create rock, electro, pop sound or as Throwing Halos call it REP music!!

At 1/ It's The Shruggs on BalconyTV Cork with the brilliantly titled Ooh Ooh Song.