Press Coverage

16th April 2013 The Daily Texan
Local musicians find international audience on BalconyTV

28th Mar 2013 The Irish Examiner
Irish reveal how to make a career out of YouTube

20th Feb 2013 - Sunshine Coast Daily (Sunshine Coast)
Taylor steps out on the Balcony for a worldwide view

6th Feb 2013 - Time Online (World)
Local Musicians Find a Global Audience on Balcony TV

11th Oct 2012 - The Hindu (Delhi)
A balcony of one’s own - A unique project that gives fledgling musicians a much-needed platform

22 Jun 2012 - SoundBox (Delhi)
Balcony TV gets launched in India

June 2012 - BalconyTV Delhi on CNN (Delhi)

29 Mar 2012 - Platform (Delhi)
Balcony Singing?

15th Mar 2012 - The Indian Express (Delhi)
Bands on the Balcony - Less-known musicians from India find screen time on Balcony TV Delhi

21 Feb 2012 - HighonScore (Delhi)
Balcony TV, featuring upcoming bands from different cities, playing at strategic balconies, is coming to the balcony near you!

20 Jan 2012 - LIveMint (Delhi)
Wake up to virtual music