Blog: The BalconyTV Weekly No. 2

Greetings BalconyTV Fans, Judges and first time visitors,

Wow that week went by fast. I find myself writing this blog early Monday morning after watching the Oscars. All 5 hours of the Oscars.

I thought they were pretty strange overall. Why did they have song performances from Chicago and Dreamgirls? It seems like those films were just out. It felt a bit lazy from the producers to go back to such recent films.

Also I was disappointed by the James Bond tribute. I did hear that they were going to get all the James Bond actors on stage together, which I don't think has happened before... but instead they just had a video piece that they could have got from a DVD. In saying that, Shirley Basseys performance was amazing. It was also great to see Jack Nicholson still going strong.

I could bore you with my opinions on the Oscars...but on with the weekly update...


We just launched our new site a week and a half ago, and already this week we were making changes. Most notably to our Global Music Rumble which you can find on our homepage. We had originally had all our videos in that (almost 9000)...but we decided it would be better if only our best shows were thrown in. We quickly took all the videos out, and repopulated the rumble with some of our better shows.

Our idea now, is that the videos that get into the rumble will be selected by us, but also that other bands can be considered once they get a certain amount of 'Likes' on their video page. We will create a BalconyTV Top 200...and we might even relegate videos that don't perform well...and then other videos can take their place. Some football logic!

We're also thinking about creating a 'LIke' in a way we will have charts that reflect quality, popularity and viewership. Best of all worlds.

Don't worry... it will all make sense once we get everything plugged in and working well.

In the mean time, it was great to see so many people voting. And at 6PM EST on Sunday we released our first BalconyTV Top 10 based on the weeks voting -

What a great show to score our first #1... Saskwatch from BalconyTV Melbourne (


We have been amazed at how many users (or 'Judges' as we want to call them), have signed up in our first proper week of our new site. We knew that people liked BalconyTV...but it is rewarding to see people literally signing into an experience. Obviously people do this all the time on many sites...but when its a site you work on, it does feel good to know people enjoy the experience.

We have 650 judges signed up now... and you can see a lot of them here -


As it was Oscar day, I spent a bit of time looking through our archives for any performances that were in anyway Oscar related. Obviously I didn't find too much...but I did find one performance which we recently had on BalconyTV LA featuring a women called E.G. Daily. E.G is quite a famous voice over actress...her bio is incredible, stating... 'she was the voice of Tommy Pickles in all three animated feature films: 'The Rugrats Movie,' 'Rugrats in Paris' and 'Rugrats Go Wild'. She can also be heard as the voice of Babe in the live-action feature "Babe II: Pig in the City". E.G. also provided the voice of Lorenzo in the Academy Award winning feature film, 'Lorenzo's Oil', and Baby Mumbles in the Academy Award winning 'Happy Feet'. A ha...

A tenuous Oscar link I know...but here she is on our LA show...


At 3am now...and definitely time for bed.

See you next week.

Stephen O'Regan
[email protected]