Blog - Social Media Advice For Artists

Blog - Social Media Advice For Artists

If I can’t find your band or artist name on Twitter/ Facebook or Instagram etc you don’t exist.  It’s a harsh reality. 

There are a number of sins made by artists in this area that always drives me nuts when I am trying to find them on these platforms. 

Let’s start with the first basic frustration. Some artists simply don’t have a Twitter/ Facebook or Instagram account.

“Oh Twitters not really big where I come from?”, I hear them say.

Firstly how was I supposed to know you don’t have a Twitter account? Why am I even wasting my time looking for you?

While I will admit that Twitter is not as big in some parts of the world as others, it is still one of the world’s biggest social platforms. If you have any ambition to have your music spread overseas it will be important to have a Twitter account so to communicate news to an international audience. The same can be said for all the other main social platforms.

Apart from that excuse I think that some artists feel they are somehow selling out or over exposing themselves by being on these social platforms. For that all I can say is snap out of it! And you might consider creating a Snapchat account while you’re at it. It's big with the kids.

The 2nd major sin is how many artists make themselves hard to find on social media. Instead of just the artist name, the pages are often confusingly titled. Lets use the band XRay as an example. Instead of just typing in XRay and finding your band, I have to look up a series of possible combinations. For example - 

IAmXray / WeAreXRay / XRayMusicPageOfficial / XRayBandPage / XRayOffical / XRayMusic / XRayBand / X_Ray

I understand there are often times when your artist name may not be available, but if that’s the case, perhaps you should strongly think of renaming yourself. If there are 10 bands with the same name as yours...move on and think of another name.

Marketing yourself and your music is crucial if you are going to have any chance of success. Don’t put an immediate hurdle in front of you by having a name that is the same as many others.

3rd sin. Don’t decide to be creative with your band spelling just so it will fit into social media. For example, if your band is called Elevator, don’t decide to respell it as Elavator. How would a person guess you have decided to respell your band name just for social media purposes?

Likewise don’t try be clever by leaving out vowels etc to make it work. How would I guess to look up LVTR? Or worse still LVTRBand?

Finally, don’t break rules you have set up for yourself. If your band are called 911, don’t decide to call it Nine11 on socials. If it’s all numbers, keep it all numbers. If it’s all words, keep it all words. People will not have the patience to figure out the combinations that are necessary to find you.

Remember - You should be able to be found quickly and easily.

In closing, if you’re not on social media, how is anyone, let alone a fan supposed to keep up with what you are doing? Don’t be too cool to reject it. Have a band name that is original, that stands on its own and is hence easily searchable. Don’t reformat your band name to fit in social media and require a crack team to find you. 

If you are just starting as a band you have less excuses than everyone else. Before coming to the ultimate decision on your band name, have a quick search on the main social pages to see if the name is readily available. If it is, you’ve made your life a little easier for yourself and for those trying to find you.

- Stephen O'Regan