BalconyTV World News - Annotations / Coca-Cola / Live With Kelly / InfoWars / Show of the Week

BalconyTV World News - Annotations / Coca-Cola / Live With Kelly / InfoWars / Show of the Week

We have decided to kickstart a weekly round-up of BalconyTV news and talking points. If there are things you want us to comment on or discuss here, [email protected]


1/ We have been having a discussion amongst our producers about end cards and more importantly opening cards. These are the parts of YouTube videos with annotations leading to other videos. 

We had an adventurous idea in our office to try put an opening card at the start of each new show highlighting the previous weeks 'Show of the Week'. This goes against most YouTube convention with most people feeling you need to get straight into the thrust of your content as fast as possible. 

It's fair to say the idea has caused a good degree of controversy amongst our producers. 

I have argued that the opening card immediately lets viewers know that we have other content whether they click it or not. I also feel its a good reward for the artists who get chosen as our Show of the Week. 

But what do you think?

Here is a latest show to give you an example of whats going on. Pay attention to the first 10 seconds or so - 

2/ We have had a number of screens installed in our office that shows BalconyTV on loop. But we have thought that a behind the scenes photo slideshow might look better on them. Did you know you can make a photo slideshow on YouTube? Here is what we put together so far - 

3/ We are delighted to announce that Coca Cola in Romania is coming on board as a sponsor for BalconyTV Bucharest. Coca Cola already sponsors our show in Budapest providing great support for our local producers. This type of partnership really helps what we do.

There first show with Coke features the father of electronic music in Bucharest - Radion G.A. - 

4/ Some great news from BalconyTV Atlanta presenter Beth Keener (see image above). She recently entered a competition to co-host an episode of Live with Kelly. If you're not living in the US, Live with Kelly is a hugely popular national morning show. There were many entries, but we are delighted to say that Beth has made the Top 5! We had the BalconyTV community voting for Beth, so hopefully that contributed to Beths success. Beth now has to travel to NYC for a final audition. Good look to her! You can see Beths audition video here -

And you can see Beth presenting some BalconyTV here - 

5/ Speaking of BalconyTV presenters. I just learned this week that former BalconyTV Austin presenter Lee Ann McAdoo is now a presenter on Alex Jones infamous, and controversial Infowars channel. I am always interested to see where BalconyTV presenters and producers take their career next - 

6/ Finally, our Show of the Week features Delsinki Records & Brooke Taylor on BalconyTV Sydney. They are a dynamic duo that have achieved a lot in a short time and are already being booked for festivals. You heard them here first. Maybe. 

Thats all folks.

Stephen O'Regan