Hello BalconyTV friends and fans.

Time for the weeks round up of what's happening in the world of BalconyTV -

1/ First up, and the news today is that BalconyTV has launched in Cyprus. The launch show is beautiful and makes me want to go there right now. Congrats to Darren and co who have got the show going.

Contact - [email protected]

2/ Very sad news to come from BalconyTV Lisbon. Sidónio Pereira, one of the most talented fado passed away aged 57.

Sidonio performed on BalconyTV, but also helped bring many fado singers to the Lisbon balcony according to our producer Miguel Teixeira.

Watch Sidonio perform on BalconyTV Lisbon -

Read more about Sidonio -

3/ Kodaline who performed on BalconyTV Dublin back in 2010 under the name 21 Demands ( have gone on to huge international success in the last couple of years. Just last week we featured the guys performance on BalconyTV Brooklyn ( And if thats not enough, here are the band performing it big on American Idol -

The quartet were recently nominated for Meteor's Choice Music Prize and also won Best Album, Best Track of the Year (High Hopes) and Best Debut Album in the HotPress Hotties.

They later tweeted that they are in the top 20 on the iTunes America charts.

"Top 20 in iTunes America, Holy shit, thanks everyone xx," they wrote.

4/ It was a pretty major week for BalconyTV overall, as this week BalconyTV was acquired by The Orchard which is major video and film dis­tri­b­u­tion company and top-ranked Multi Chan­nel Net­work.

That all sounds a bit businessy. But the truth is, we have been looking for a good home for BalconyTV for sometime. A home that will allow us to keep developing and showcasing new music from locations and cultures around the world. In many ways its a new beginning for us which we are very excited about.

Due to this we made some news this week -

Billboard -

The Irish Times (BalconyTV was founded in Ireland) -

And I wrote a blog for The Orchard telling the story of BalconyTV -

It's a brave new world. -

5/ Don't forget. The Unofficial BalconyTV SXSW Showcase takes place at Joes Crabshack on Town Lake from midday till late on Sunday. The showcase is being run by our crew at BalconyTV Austin and they hope to stream it live here -

If your at SXSW look out for some of our other producers around the world who are attending.

Contact - [email protected]

6/ This week the winner of the Global Music Rumble is Janet Devlin on BalconyTV London. Here is the full chart -

Janet shot to fame a few years ago by being a big success on the UK X Factor. Here is her performance there that wowed the critics -

As always, don't forget to vote in the weeks Global Music Rumble. There are 200 shows you can vote on from our homepage, or here is a full list -

The more you vote, the higher you rank as a judge. Whats your judge ranking? Here are our Judge Charts -

You can see your ranking on your profile page on the site.

7/ Finally, my Show of the Week is the Qualitons on BalconyTV Budapest. It's the first musical show from Budapest, and I love the classic 60s sound.

That's all folks.

Till next week...

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