10 Years On - Robin James Hurt

10 Years On - Robin James Hurt

As we approach BalconyTVs 10th anniversary, I thought it would be interesting to interview some of the first artists that performed on the show and find out what has happened to them in the time since.

Robin James Hurt performed in October 2006. Here is our catch up....

Stephen - You were one of the first artists to perform on BalconyTV. What, if anything do you remember about the performance?

Robin - The camera was teeny-tiny, I didn’t know where to look, but the peeps were sound.

Stephen - What was the song about?

Robin - It was a belting old folk rant about unrequited love in Northumbria in the 1600s. Seriously.

Stephen - How long had you been playing before that point?

Robin - Ah I’d done the odd gig or two ya know.

Stephen - What were your ambitions then, compared to what they are now?

Robin - Probably still some naive belief in finding relative fame, fortune and inner peace.

Stephen - Are you still performing now?

Robin - More than ever, I’m glad to say. I’m very happy to be able to make a decent living purely from playing gigs and releasing product.

Stephen - The internet has completely transformed music in the last 10 years. When we started out, YouTube was just starting and MySpace was the thing. How have you found dealing with the digital revolution?

Robin - It’s impossible to underestimate how much of a seismic change it has brought to the music business. Although there are many down-sides and drawbacks (like the devaluing of recorded music in a financial and a cultural sense), it’s incredible to be able to record music at home and instantly have it accessible to people all across the world without having to mail off a thousand demos and spend hours on the phone chasing quizling wankers.

Stephen - What do you make of the Irish music scene?

Robin - I freely admit to not being clued in to how it’s going down in all genres but I think it’s in overall good shape. Not as good as a couple of years ago maybe, but I find these things go in waves..? Speaking as a full-time live performer, it’s not as good as it has been but it’s still better than Britain (in full, not just London) and, possibly, the majority of other countries across the world.

Stephen - If you could give the you of 10 years ago advice, 10 years on, what would it be?

Robin - Don’t write off the fucking car coming home from a gig in 6 weeks time. You bellend.

Stephen - What has been the best thing to happen to you in music and life in the last 10 years?

Robin - In life - the birth of my daughter Lyla 😃  Hands down, no contest. In music – playing my original compositions with the Band of Moonlight Love. They’re only massive (figuratively).

Stephen - What is the one song of yours your most proud of that people should check out?

Robin - Any of the ones I’ve performed on BalconyTV plus a few more since, get me back on asap! 

Stephen  - Who has been your favorite Irish artist of the last 10 years, and your favorite international or mainstream artist?

Robin - Irish – O Emporer

Robin - International – Bieber. Obviously. Or the brief rebirth of My Bloody Valentine.

Stephen - Final question. What would your words of wisdom be for anyone starting out? Be as brutal as you like.

Robin - Give it a year of a proper dedicated solid go and then, if you’re moving forward AND if you’re obsessed to the point of it taking priority over everything else in your life, continue. If not, know when to admit defeat, drop out of the race and hand the torch on to someone more deserving.


- Stephen O'Regan